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User Wishlist

  • (vm) bigger backpack, backpack list : vetus mundus forum
  • (vm) beetle mount-models vetus mundus forum
  • (vm) ice,platinum items (hues?) vetus mundus forum
  • (vm:lyander) : fix cam on iso perspective
  • (pmouse:the jarrys) incorrect helm (and some hair) position, the armor size
  • (pmouse:the jarrys) chase-cam mode
  • (admin nora) : save the Desktop (esp. all mini spell icons & skills)
  • (cloud,italian pre ML shard) : single click on item -> item label text above inventory-item (also in inventory)
  • ConnectUO want's to support us, i talked with Jeff (ConnectUO developer) and we add this to the commandline of Iris2
  • vm charmaine : User Interface, so mit Leisten zum spells oder Makros reinziehen die man klicken oder aber direkt über den Platz in der Leiste per Tastendruck aktivieren kann
    • gutes beispiel wow gui : Leisten zum spells reinziehen und eben auch mit einem sehr einfach gehaltenen Makroeditor in dem man mittels einer sehr knapp gehaltenen Auswahl an Befehlen brauchbare Makros erstellen konnte
  • limperate(when asked by ghoulsblade what would be most important for user-friendlyness)
    • easyuo is most important point
    • reagent display at top configurable via dialog/gui
    • many macro functions (e.g. runebook) only available via lua-code. (param-specification + gui (macro, hotkey)? maybe easyuo support would make this unneccessary)
    • hotkeys/config : not global but char-specific (profiles)
    • razor macro recording also important
  • josemdark,
    • You can't use ships in iris at all, because you can't use the ship plank because is in the list of skippedfallbacks, you can't open the hatch or drydock the boat clicking the tillermam (same reason).
    • Also the skybox does not change when exiting from a dungeon or chaging facets, you can see the malas skybox in trammel in the obsidian terrain screenshoot.
    • Other thing: the wither particle crashes the client so I replaced it (is really a big and blue explosion). Wither is supposed to be an area spell, so why not make UO a bit spectacular?
iris2 -shard shardname shardhostname shardport

Priority Suggestions

what should we focus on next ? gameplay blockers, frequently reported problems ?

  • structures below groundlevel not playable because of the new ground hitdetection (ticket: [2] )
  • usability : avoid text-editor : uo-path browse dialog if not autodetected
  • usability : avoid text-editor : visual quality edit (high-med-low) in main menu
  • usability : avoid text-editor : shard connect config in main menu
  • walk : often slower than in original client (freewalk

should try to avoid uo-dir-changes, use diagonal walk better, mainly for pvp) * walk : collision rules implementation wrong (lib.walking3.lua : started port of runuo1 code, but not finished)

  • walk : thin(1-tile) stairs in tilefree problematic (height-interpolation should be adjusted)
  • paying npc's for skill-training doesn't work (they

don't say the price(or you can't read it), and gold-split-number-input isn't possible)

  • dragdrop item on other item (rune on runebook), probably fixed, but untested
  • segfault bugs (see below)


  • for gui elements we really need the following function to determine the original size of the texture used in a material.
    • If you know it's always exactly one texture that the material uses, you can:
    • pMtl->getTechnique(0)->getPass(0)->getTextureUnitState(0)->_getTexturePtr()->get[Width|Height]()
  • Hotbar Hotbar for spells,skills,items,... ( [3] )
  • two chatboxes and/or tabbing : seperate system-messages from chat
  • detail compass
  • fastcast buttons spells
  • cleanup lib.spellbooks.lua and lib.spellinfo.lua - most SpellInfos are doubled and CastDelayBase can be added to directly to Spellinfo matrix
    • we should also move the spellbook definitions to a seperate file

models to add

3D Renderer

  • way to add bumpmaps:
  • granny : corpse draw & ID-mapping (some special cases with ids, and corpse with clothes, corpse.def...)
  • caelum sky
  • cadunetree
  • multitex-terrain : lava,floortiles,tiles from art.mul
  • generated fallback models/geometry with uo-art(runtime-texatlas) : plant:cross,floor:rect,billboard : mousepick
  • granny : uniform character sizes for ML and golden sun (mesh AND scale factors are different, force height using bbox)
  • ShadowNotes ShadowNotes (PCF or DepthShadowMapping)
  • In need of a filter giving several models for example floor tiles separate textures to only one mesh in order to unifiy the graphic work. Example: For floortile id 0x1234 it would look like that gArtFilterBla[0x1234] = { maptopid=0x0001, set_texture_color="farbtex0x1234.png", set_texture_bump="bumptex0x1234.png" }


  • Esc : choice : "log out"(server list) or "exit" ( [4] )
  • main menu : quick-login (last shard, last sub-server, last char?)
  • main menu : back buttons
  • main menu : "connection failed" : back to menu
  • tab-key to switch between text-edit fields : login dialog
  • open paperdoll dismounts player (because it sends doubleclick, deadly in combat)
  • helper to select nearby mobiles (pets, enemies, party) :

support doubleclick,rightclick,target and dragdrop (sfz-enemylist? group by type)

  • net : party system, mainly for communication
  • Hardware_cursor Hardware cursor uo mousecursor (only one mousecursor and it should be a hardware cursor with a small (smaller) uo handicon)


  • improve dynamic/multi batching
  • runtime texatlas for fallback
  • low-prio : reduce number of scenenodes used by mobiles (healthbar,names,aura,bodygfx-group...)
  • low-prio : runtime granny texatlas ?


  • auto-3rd-person-cam, look in character direction
  • collision(keep outside buildings)


  • segfault when directx9 is not installed (e.g. dx 10 on vista, check?)

low prio

  • [5] detect device graphiccard id's ->print out or write to Log
    • [6] ati's devicelist

  • Boat support (correct height for mobiles)
  • Maps - Plotting Courses, StaffMap, Books
  • character-creation : stat-limits should be checked via xml/lua on clientside Character_Creation_Specs Character Creation Specs
  • hue picker
  • On Plant System the gump lacks of colors at some items when it's dying. (Bugticket: [7] )
  • house-placement (much work)
  • 64 bit safety
  • serverside multis : revisions,caching
  • remember/save position of gumps
  • lugre mesh ram loader : [8]
  • bushido : stance state display : red icons if active

(netcode and display code needed) (kPacket_AOS_Command_WeaponAbilityRequest : see also runuo2 code : weapon-abilities) (lowprio as PvM is usually mainly done by tamers)

  • linux case sensitivie file system : auto-correct : gGrannyPath = "Models/" and GetGrannyMat etc (model/Models)...


make commonly needed things easy and document well

  • display visual feedback like
  • 8x8 gridlines on the terrain
  • markers on the radar/map
  • highlighting objects/mobiles
  • custom menus/dialogs, uo graphics and images
  • gump parsing helpers
  • search nearby mobiles,items,ground
  • mob access : health, flags, anim


todo list

  • (IMPORTANT) 3D freewalk : direction change not send unless you walk a step
  • (IMPORTANT) drag statbar like in uo (implemented but only triggered with ctrl-doubleclick)
  • (IMPORTANT) graphical dialog for config and hotkeys/macros
  • performance : lib.3d.dynamic.lua :

Renderer3D:CreateArtBillBoard : each ground-tile-billboard has it's own scenenode, only for gUseStaticFallbacks = false, in gfx-profile <= low

  • performance : ogre mesh2ram loader
  • gui : compass port to new gui system
  • gui : menu, scroll-text, tab-bar, config edit
  • fallback-billboards for dynamics : replace by

cross-billboards for better mousepick.. (avoid big billboards blocking other things like doors..)

  • fixcam, cam center movable ( left top area )
  • runebook : 4 buttons
  • tool for creating prefab-models (cross,box,wall segment)
  • uo-art,runtime-texatlas, tex-coord-mapping to iso-art, dialog for picking one of 10 suggestions to handle displacement
  • not needed as mesh (fastbatch) : store only params
  • fastbatch : also accept factory/geometry-generator as input (plants, prefab-models)
  • later : caching for radarmap generation : avoid static-iteration (can't cache fully, 896*512 map = ca 50mb for 16bpp)
  • hagish: manually trigger hiding of stuff above someone
  • note . look at new cadunetree editor (see ogre forum)
  • updater : "file exists" problem, add option for automatic override
  • updater : log window should be copy/pasteable when errors occur
  • 2d : lightning spell effect image not found, gump ?
  • win : mouse offset ? "if (WIN32) then gMouseCorrectionX,gMouseCorrectionY = bla... end"
  • bushido,ninjitsu : spell icon coloring : kPacket_Generic_SubCommand_EnableSESpellIcons
  • kPacket_String_Response:0xAC not yet implemented, clientside crafting gumps on pre-aos-pol shards ( [9] ) , format unknown, couldn't find docs
  • 3d Water_borders_too_wide water borders too wide
  • uogamers : gump not working : journal like scroll dialog
  • statbar : health display bugged when target dies.. notoriety ? should go grey when out of sight ?
  • 2d : original terrain textures loaded as atlas parts ?
  • 2d : lowprio bug/missing feature (equip replace files) Uo5.0.clothes.anim.bug.2d.corpser.gazer uo5.0.clothes.anim.bug.2d.corpser.gazer
  • automatically recognize Cg compiler terminated, suggest deaktivate cgplugin in bin/plugins_linux.cfg Cg_exception cg exception
  • 2d anim : (1) mobile anims besides walk
  • 2d anim : (2) dynamics anims (teleporter,torch,firefield...)
  • Arvum Arvum shard wishlist
  • config editor : uoam : edit text fields not clickable if no text inside
  • positioning errors when hiding/invis update is a bit late

(nakedmob message position should be ignored for player, and only flags used?)

  • segfault (int exception thrown = random error) :

gArtMapLoader:ExportToFile(sFilePath,0x7fff) for one specific id... >= equal missing in > filesize check or something like that ?

  • add models from SunRice (in upload:5unRic3) [10]
  • remodel wall base shapes, skinning system for wall variants, experiment with normal and Displacement/Parallax mapping
  • post help wanted : Model_Hotlist Model_Hotlist
  • post help wanted : Particle_Effects Particle_Effects (spells, special moves...)
  • investigate models + license : scourge (maybe something useable there)
  • maybe horse models with saddle while mounted from mount&blade free-to-use-if-attributed ?
  • packaging : investigate [11]  : can make packages for several distros (suse,debian,ubuntu,redhat,mandriva)
  • todo : fix models for bladespirit(0x023e) and evortex(0x00a4)
  • 2d : mousepicking for transparent water (fishing, boat placement)
  • install deps linux : nvidia cg doesn't work with

CXXFLAGS=\"-DNDEBUG=1\" ? can particle bbox assert be disabled otherwise ? releasebuild ?

  • razor packetvideo export/writing forum thread
  • mousepick optimization by x : 2d and 3d :

mapblock : z=+-infinity : only scan block contents if mousex inside min,max of x coordinate of the 4 block edges on screen (+ some tolerance for overlapping models) (big models,e.g. boat or yewtree, into extra list that is always scanned ?) (probably not needed anymore after terrain fix, is 3d mousepick still costly?)

  • optimize 2d mobiles : MobileStep Equipped_MOB

Naked_MOB : large amount of ogre memory. also should run at britbank : limit clothes loading, default robe at first, hueing via vertexcolor from grey base : works for a large number of hues.

  • optimize 2d mobiles : large amounts of lua memory from 2D:MobileStep:UpdateMobileGfx:AddAnimModel during motion (new spriteblock-sprite tables for every step.. todo : reuse/one-per-equip/regroup/change old)
  • optimize text, causes large amounts of lua memory to

be allocated.. (chatline : chat-tab-pane lines mainly) ogetcharglyph caching bug ?

  • optimize glyphlist code, allocates lots of lua memory due to a table for every character, might have to be ported to c
  • model plugin dir for quick additions/testing without

regenerating texatlas : one folder per model, each folder gets a new resource group to avoid material conflicts ?

  • later : rebuild razor dialog lookalike :

sound&gump filters, options(smartlasttarget,queue), scavenger etc. for easier user adoption.

  • 3d : spellbar plugin could work here too
  • 3d : grey out mobile when hidden on preaos (no buffbar display for invis)
  • 3d : cam move : after clicking on a gui dialog, you first have to click on a free area before it works again.
  • terrain (2d+3d) : black cave entrance shown wrong sometimes
  • gui : chatbar tabs broken ?
  • cougar bugreport : in caves mit static fussboden : jobs 210/0 + ruckeln ?
  • check 3d static mousepicking, cMapBlock:BBRayPick behaved

weird and was no longer needed for terrain, might be broken (xmirror? .w/.h set wrongly ?)

  • 2d : kirin model broken
  • artist/model util : make variant of model with different

texture/material via lua filter file ? (e.g. deko ingots, potions...) -> see & enhance Filters Filters

  • cougar 3d groundpick problems : [12]
  • skill dialog : need "show real" option
  • model fixes : use ricky(ricktor/dragon-champ) as model

for missing crimson (0xC5) dragon, mongbat&harpy wings, vm-swampchamp : 4-feet-plant-things-with-mouth-above : scaled far too large.

  • user wish (nadious) : minimize paperdoll (still waiting feedback onto special uses for that that might not be obvious)
  • user wish (nadious) : npc sell/buy : easier clicking of small objects (box mousepick)
  • user wish (nadious) : harder fog border : not so soft into the whole screen
  • note : sallos/playuo : map (macros/overview) shows CLICKABLE(->recall to) runemarks, we need that too =)
  • note : tidbit : modelpacks in jcrpg forum ( might be useful
  • userfriendlyness : choose uo path : folder selection instead of file
  • userfriendlyness : graphical config editor minimum : double cursor & fps bar
  • if directx is removed from bin/plugins.cfg, it is possible to

select opengl as rendersystem (but segfaults afterwards on ghouly:virtualbox:winxp)

  • cScripting::LuaCall : might be problematic due to usage

of variable argument call beyond the end of the function (for variable return values)

  • profiling : c memory : linux : find out own

process id somehow : get total used memory from that, first:slowprofile:commandline:read(/proc/):check every 10 seconds or so... second:find c function for receiving total memory directly : roughprofile every section.

  • packetvid : store partylist
  • maximize/minimize/resize window : crash:out.of.vram + no stacktrace.log : [13]
  • note . look at : [14] (cross platform crash reporting system includign hardware infos (gfxcard, etc)) (found in ogre forum)
  • note . fatal error C9999: *** exception during compilation
      • ...... Cg compiler terminated due to fatal error : nvidia cg

bug, installs segfault signal handler, will be removed in cg 2.1

  • document mobile and item object structure : [15]
  • search uo dir at first start : folder browser instead of

file browser, or select client.exe , data/config.lua error message : now in config/ dir ? ( [16] )

  • checkme : 3d : consecrate weapon and arrow anims : model/effect remains visible after finished ?
  • note : ogre linux compile/package tipps, maybe interesting : [17] [How to] make your Ogre3D game on Ubuntu
  • user wishlist : cougar : forum thread (12.03.2009)
  • 0) what the user sees first after login : triangle-roof-hole-filling, water-borders, transitions for statics (floortiles)
  • hide system cursor when fullscreen : gbHideMouse = true gbGrabInput = true
  • 1) chattab fix
  • 2) 2D: nonwalk-anims
  • 3) 2D: -Transition zwischen

0d87,0d69,0d50,0d79,0d7f,0d8b,0d74,0d74 und evtl weiteren (leaves (Als Static) und den anderen (Boden) Tiles fehlt. (Kann man da was machen?!) Dabei handelt es sich um Statics die die gleiche Textur haben wie terrain tiles. * 4) 2D: -Übergänge zwischen den Statics ist nicht sauber (Gitternetz Muster...)

  • 5) 2D: zorder, bucs den caves.
  • 6) 2D: option to use 3d mobs in 2d mode (especially custom mobs
  • 7) 3D: water-land transitions
  • 8) 3D: automatic triangle roof hole filling (->wall)
  • 9) 3D: fix broken anims (wings etc)
  • hedge model from sunrice : [18]
  • Uoam_support uoam : chat support (--bla or something like that)
  • user wish : cougar : 3d : configurable areas on map with black skybox : dungeons
  • numpad doesn't work for edittext fields : vmthread
  • user wish : (cougar mappers) : better lava material

+ borders (special textures for mattypes like water/swamp/lava, particle effects for lava?)

  • user wish : cougar : performance problems and high

harddisk activity in areas with many statics.. also many jobs ? [19] (map5 5908 606)

  • map area not checked on login (custom skybox etc, relatively new code, near 25.03.2009)
  • Uogamers.hybrid_blocked uogamers.hybrid blocked : kicked roughly 40 secs after login
  • nodraw tile : 0x21bc (vm,ilshenar,compassion, southwest gypsies : grave)
  • userwish : mainmenu : button to turn on/off music,

import razor hotkeys more intelligent (autodetect+list, remember), razor hotkey : miniheal/cure , map razor-target-hotkeys : map all to nearesttarget for now.. add option for auto-open-doors

  • gui option editor for : always run, double mouse cursor , fps/load bar
  • silver : unexpected crashes with current unstable (16.04.2009) during 2d, no error messages at all, win xp sp3
  • linux dev advice (grumble) : clean main svn structure

(cmake/automake), maybe put non-gpl stuff in separate folder (dlls,lugre), determine license for old iris1 stuff : README : section about data. dds:not lossless : put source in art svn

  • look at bugfix suggestions from Sehlor : [20]
  • building and stairs half underground cause display problems in 2d and 3d : [21]
  • vm : map5 : marble-boden problem : [22]
  • delete ogre.cfg if last start failed (directx/ogre problem?)
  • ogre svn crash under linux : ogre/branches/v1-6 : -r8505:last working -r8506 : crash
  • win font bug : not only text, also other gui

elements (tested on hagishs laptop. idea: lugre_spritelist.cpp cRenderManager2D::SetRenderState view&projection matrix ?) experimenting with code from Ogre::Frustum::updateFrustumImpl(void) ... w,h : -1 for directx, -0 for opengl... -0.5 (float, not with int) ?? solved, -0.5 seems to work for both

  • usability
  • updater problems under vista, must execute as admin-user otherwise files/folders are readonly (iris itself also?)
  • first startup : ogre cfg dialog weg, stattdessen default : 1024x768, fsaa=0, fullscreen=false
  • razor hotkey import automatic for default path, otherwise

filebrowse dialog + store path so it doesn't have to be repeated every startup

  • chat : return-type-return  : optional, default

should be osilike ? (option to toggle hotkeys) .. iris logo on hotkey "L" is very annoying here

  • option : automatically open doors
  • spellbook icons rausziehen ist bei uns anders als orginalclient -> anpassen
  • suwing, 08.05.2009 2d performance profiling : lags during walk with 500 dynamics. [23]
  • todo : t-spike-frame : detect gpu lags

somehow ? time of client-render-one-frame high ? or is the gpu time included during atlas update or dynamic block batching ?

  • menu : gm-page/help request : sending works ok, but

crash when clicking again while it is active, inside kPacket_Object_Picker, underflow in input:PopFilledString(entry.namelen) (need to test local, didn't want to annoy admins)

  • charcreate : some flags seem to be wrong, newly created chars cannot use moongate or gatespell to malas and similar
  • vetus-mundus:pmsystem : receive long pm: gump not scrollable. send too long pm = crash.
  • sience : crash since new blockwise loader : rev3035 ging noch crashfrei
  • test bandwidth bottleneck : robrenderable junkdata transfer
  • test vram write bottleneck : byte-by-byte access to vram slower ?
  • granny : GooseEgg : 3d modeller der granny fehlerfrei laden kann
  • linux-install-homedir etc : Linux.startscript.savage linux.startscript.savage
  • carthography gump : maps for sea-travelling and tmaps
  • tooltip spam -> movement lag.. if more than a certain

number of tooltip requests have been sent in a certain time, queue new ones...

Attack" vorblättern (alles aus dem 2. Circle kann ich nicht anwenden)

  • 3d-freewalk slower than original client : dirchanges and diagonal
  • UOSA (stygian abyss, gargoyle race, can fly, throwing weapons, race-spellsystems : mysticism..)
  • take a look at beta and add support for this facet, download : post direkt-link
  • iris forum thread
  • comes with a new facet/map also supported by the original 2d client
  • performance, many statics(or dynamics?) vmcustom : [24]
  • updater problem : wenn ordner schreibgeschützt

ist : winxp&vista ? scheint oft defaultmässig schreibgeschützt zu sein. * demise : tooltips funktionieren nicht

under win, auto-detect and alert user (installer problem? not vista specific) <-- ist VISTA & Windows 7 related (not Windows XP), because of the Userrightsmanagement

  • hagish : openAL crashes sometimes
  • optimizing walk-hangs in luna : GetBufferedMesh printf shouldn't be called ingame if preload meshes is active
  • todo : virtue hotkey directsend : e.g. honor. packetlog uo intern macro/hotkey
  • ShadowNotes ShadowNotes
  • kite prio : flüssiges laufen, tastaturlaufen

(up=vorwärts oder up= up auf bildschirm ?), direkt chat statt toggle., tooltip delay hochsetzen (option?)

  • mainmenu music default off
  • win : grab cursor crash not recoverable without deleting config/config.lua , autodetect crashes like that and reset config
  • linuxcompile : premake.lua : automatically detect

/usr/src/fmodapi42001linux/api/lib/ or similar and use if without version ending is not available

  • vista 64 bit problem : darf nicht schreiben, nur in c:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\USERNAME\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\ oder so (win32 shell funktion zum pfad suchen)
  • eri : ausdrücklich als admin starten, dann klappts mit exe und updater ;-)
  • ideas & notes : 2 nice roadmaps styles : dungeonhack freeorion
  • useful error for missing models (official uo:ml installer without models -> use links on iris hp) : error messages :
  • sience: i try to look, if i can check the uo installation with our Windows Installer and maybe suggest the correct downloadlink.
  • check 4xMSAA and enable alpha to coverage on foliage passes
  • 2d : black borders for big screen : fix reload area calc for terrain and statics, currently circle
  • gumps : scrollbar, e.g. vetus-mundus pms, news etc.
  • boat placement on half-transparent water
  • boat and house placement : preview
  • win directx crash, dx_42.dll ? forum thread
  • chattabs : localchat : not systemwide, speaker = visible char, no lizardman/savage talk
  • multi : item.serial = 0xd8 multiserial ? item.artid = foundation-size, multidata layer to override default foundation (gray+dirt-floor) with custom (elven etc) multis
  • tree models from glest ?
  • clientside mobile/dynamic keep/forget if out of range, maybe intersting : runuo2/src/Mobile.cs:9053: m.m_NetState.Send( new MobileIncoming( m, this ) );
  • todo : for better acceptance on different shards, add "client version" drop down to add shard menu (che, oblivion shard, need 5.*, doesn't work with 6.* protocol)
  • connectuo = nachfolger von uogateway ? von runuo team wieder neu aufgebaut :

* 808 mb download uo v7.0.3.0. checken obs 3d models hat. <- "Classic Client" geprüft, keine 3d Models (wie UOML hochgepatched aufs aktuellste Patch nur ohne 3D Models)

  • 2d : text speech over char head
  • 2d : servers-sent character anims
  • partylist : close button or rightclick
  • che : spec file for rpm einchecken, dann kann man mit rpmbuild -ba iris.spec ein rpm für versch. distros bauen.
  • che : linux_install_structure
  • devblob integration in wiki (rss/atom feed)
  • note : eri : bautool : sience hat delphicode von altem bautool (orginal client+palanthir), objektwahl + utils für wände,licht usw.. 3d?
  • note : licht : kegel,fenster usw : siehe varan bautool/gmtool (sience/ghoulsblade)
  • note : external lua profiler
  • walk problem : stygian abyss dungeon : abyss(below underworld): stairs impassable in iris, can be walked in originalclient or with forcing? wrong artid? (large stairs?)
  • todo : auto-detect connection problems and suggest solutions : (encryption or uo-v7+) :
  • performance : limit Send_ToolTipRequest triggered from kPacket_AOSObjProp, too many in big cities/champs sometimes.
  • spellbook : drag icons out seems to work different than in original client :
  • vram-memory-leak animloader:ExportToImage or image:SaveAsFile ? or working dir changed? lib.export.lua:-exportanim with lots of files -> mainmenu looks strange. solved by adding if (w=0||h=0) return to image:SaveAsFile ?
  • kPacket_Show_Mobile 0xD3 unused ?!?
  • gentoo compile : wxwidget linkercommand
  • todo : add way to reset config if mainmenu fails to load (wxwidget dialog : "reset config : yes/no") (crash on ogrecreatewindow when using bad combo of hide-system-cursor and grab)
  • integrate models from forum thread : giftbox, paintbrush, flowerpot :
  • You can test the V7 protocol in , it has gargoyles and Tel-Mur.
  • tipp eri : statt muleditor : "fiddler", im pol-server-forum supportet :
  • forum josedmark : performance bug? When I make screenshots with "SetMacro("shift+f12", function() MacroCmd_Screenshot() end)" the CPU usage goes up and the client becomes really slow
  • hotkeys : virtues ?
  • client v7 extensions (anim,mysticism+bardic spellids)
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