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05 December 2011

Our new Artists Corastin is updating the whole graphicset of Iris2. Here is a preview of the updated Flower & Grass tileset. Now we are going to update all Trees.

Stay tuned!

SiENcE 22:15, 05 December 2011

28 November 2011

I just updated our Screenshots section and added a lot of new screenshots.

SiENcE 21:52, 28 November 2011

18 November 2011

Our new Artist Corastin rewrote most of the tutorials of the artists section. This will facilitate the work of artists to help the project.
Furthermore you will see a new link "A Guide for Artists" in the menu.

Also enjoy the new trees and textures which Corastin made by updating Iris 2.

SiENcE 21:55, 18 November 2011

31 Oktober 2011

I did some cleanups and add aditional Infos to the Development Section.

SiENcE 21:36, 31 Oktober 2011

22 March 2011

Iris2 development visualisation from 20.08.2006 to 02.02.2011

  • this are our SVN repository commits
  • doe via svn, grouce and ffmpeg

SiENcE 22:36, 22 March 2011

26 October 2009

SiENcE 17:08, 20 January 2010 (UTC) : new Iris2 STABLE (rev 3228) released! And again lots of changes.

# ChangeLog

svn3021 -> svn3134
New Features:
  -updated to Ogre 1.6.5
  -USE_HOME_DIR now standard (all Iris2 ConfigData is now stored in USERs Home Directory!!!)
   *remove "USE_HOME_DIR" file from Iris2 directory to disable this (old behaviour)
  -new macro util : IsPlayerHidden
  -added nodraw used in underworld dungeon
  -added new packet : kPacket_ObjectInfo 0xf3 which replaces showitem 0x1a to some degree in v7000
  -fadelines adjust to window-resize
  -fadelines using new guisys and uofont now
  -chattabs is infront now,
  -uodragdrop : hold alt to avoid stacking (useful for vendor restocking/decoration)
  -grannyfilter : added override for scaling
  -commandline : resolution override with -res 640x480
  -Big Shadow Texture for 4096 resolution instead of 1024
  -gUOAMEnabled added to config defaults
  -CustomArtFilterFile sample (iris.filter.lua) for Shards added to	"/config" and "/config/shards/zwischenwelt.xml
  -uoam bugfixed
  -uoam folder moved from "/data" to "/config"  (should be in shard	config later)
  -"/tmp" dir moved from default "/data" to "iris2" root
  -mark.uoam file moved to "/tmp"
  -moved desktop dir to config folder
  -fixed videos paths : for packetvids
  -texatlas creation on first startup : fixed temp path
  -gPacketSizeOverride6017 was applied before the shard config was loaded
  -premake.lua path fix : removed double / , needed for rpm	build/extract debug infos
  -fixed targetting multi-floor etc, for example when placing furniture
  -securetrade norender fix
  -secure trade for norender, text-entry hook
  -emergency update : added svn clean to resolve locks from crash during update
  -v7000 : fixed poisoned state, added scripttree packet dummy params passed to premake
  -added option --nosound to disable openal and fmod
  -directx runtime deleted
  -improved luabinder
  -prefer opengl by default, since directx crashes on win often
  -v7000 : fixed remaining multis
  -most multis fixed, a few still broken/invis
  -net v7000 fix (Clientsupport above version 7.+)
  -profile enhancements (not conflicting the Menu-Options anymore)
  -gLoginRequestTerminator option added (normally not needed, nil)
  -gentoo fix attempt : linking to wx last
  -grannydebug : new ogrebinding to create mesh entity works
  -enhanced luabind generator, added ogre::entity
  -premake : addcustomconfiglib : added /usr/lib to package.libpaths
  -premake buildsystem : addcustomconfiglib : added package.libpaths
  -removed obsolete clean scripte, from automake
  -fix server client direction was wrong
  -razor-packetvid : several bugfixes and improvements
  -chattabs: better detection of local chat and uoam+partchat
  -Updater Tool updated
  -granny loader : fixed bone-weight loader
  -gfxconfig : crashdetect for crashes inside CollectOgreResLocs
  -gfx-crash-detect : dialogbox asking if the user wants to change render-system, maybe this helps with win-directx crash?
  -2d: fixed terrain and statics being loaded too late
  -now the loader calculates the screen area
  -gfxconfig : fix for direct3d9 anti-alias default value
  -removed old global.reg , replaced by config/registry.xml
  -fileopen choose uodir :  select map0.mul now, less confusing.
  -directx download url updated to aug2009
  -added infos about fmod-symlink
  -fmod-disable and link to installguide for hotkeys+macros to
  -lib.bodygfx.lua : centralized step to avoid registering a new callback for every body adjusted : boost thread separate for ubuntu karmic

SiENcE: We are not dead ;-)! Yesterday we made a new STABLE Iris2 build with lots of changes.

# ChangeLog

svn3021 -> svn3134
	-Iris2 Win32 build updated to Ogre 1.6.4 (changes here: )
	-file exists check for stitchin.def
	-fix for Offline Mode F6 key Teleport (no error msg anymore)
	-initial position added for Offline Mode - Map5
	-map5.mul + statics added
	-fix to offline mode, works now also when setting gMapIndex in config.lua
	-removed cmake lists
	-static materials updated to more easy usability
	-SSAO + Depthshadowmapping Shaders added (not activated yet, due to compatibility problems)
	-gfx profiles updated (Fog has to be activated manually in Config- Dialog!)
	-project File updated
	-a few missing binds for ogre::light
	-none profile option added (no gfx profile definitions)
	-this file is also double in iris2 (originally located in data\ogreSampleMedia\materials\scripts\)
	-so this one is removed
	-helper script to generate luabindings ( trunk/scripts/luabindheader.lua )
	-a few hints for
	-some old mouspick code removed
	-fallbacktool disabled because it uses old mapcode which doesn't work
	-graphicprofile high is now standard and has grannyAnims=on
	-resolution config bugfix
	-fixed death pose for disabled anims
	-gGrannyAnimEnabled var instead of gGrannyAnimDisabled, disabled by default, enabled in ultrahigh
	-option to disable anims, tripples fps in luna
	-tooltips in 3d work
	-bloom shader, can be activated in config dialog
	-old fontsystem outcommented
	-added new files from lugre to VC9 project files
	-activated Caelum & Watershader in UltraHigh Profile
	-added comment to net.multi.lua
	-small fix if Client_GetMemoryUsage is undefined
	-small improvements :moblist shortcut, itemcouter baglist,
        -2d:workaround for elven models, nullrenderer walk and containers
	-added ogre compile dependencies
	-uoids : made facet constants enumerable
	-small gump api improvement
	-small pathfinding improvements
	-small macro improvements
	-bugfix for opening skill windows (before has to be a skillrequest packet)
	-bugfix skillrequest where not called during login
	-last network packages seperated and moved to /net folder
	-weapon abilities seperated from network packets and moved to lib.weaponability.lua
	-fixed damage crash in null renderer
	-added shardconfig
	-c memory usage
	-packetvideo:tweaked loader a bit, granny parser: xml output complete, uoids:added a few nodraw artids
	-some cleanups & fixes to lightsystem
	-started work on lua granny loader, small lootscript imrpovements, small macro improvments: dress,partychaat
	-check and infos added, if map file is not found
	-Iris Testsahrd configuration added
	-data/profiles moved to lua/profiles
	-OgreSampleMedia added from Ogre3d
	-added option gDebugModeTestSkeletalAnimShader
	-2d: derived hue detection, saves a bunch of vram,
        -improved human detection macro for smarttarget
        -added partychat to chat-tab-bars
	-small changes that the open gump functions, all follow the same style
	-changed gui.quit.lua Dialog to new GuiSystem
	-codeblocks and visual studio 7 (2003) obsolete buildfiles removed (use vs2005 or vs2008)
	-macros : improved pathfinding and smartlasttarget a bit
	-small fixes, and added peerless stuff to lootscript
	-backpack toggle fix, lootscript : added peerless stuff
	-gump fixes : textcoloring uohmtl case insensitive now, hue above 0x7fff mapped to white
        -fixed autowrapping problems for small text elements (vetusmundus gump code)
	-Mainmenu Bugfix to back button
	-data/mymacros.lua.dist moved to lua/config_macros_declarations.lua
	-lua/lib.uoam.lua moved to lua/net/net.uoam.lua
	-lua/net.walk.lua moved to lua/net/net.walk.lua accepts any number of params, macro:GetPlayerTithingPoints
	-bugfix/workaround: 0x2f5b talisman layer hardcoded.
	-Send_UnicodeSpeech: splitting of long lines added,   lootplugin:added
	-vm witchcraft items,  blockwise loader : added warning.
	-installdeps.ubuntu : forced newer boost-thread version
	-removed lib.xml from iris main, now in lugre
	-minimalgfx option for 2d mode
        - -res 800x600 commandline option for resolution
	-removed cBlockWiseFileLoader::LoadData debug output,  config dialog:added 3d options
	-gfx options made more tolerant for direct3d/opengl differences in confignames and possible values
	-ingame gfx config dialog replacing the weird ogre one and using better defaults. resets to factory settings on crash
	-widget:added bHasBackPane option,  config dialog: added hide cursor, razor import path
	-fixed chatline:uparrow,  mainmenu:added general options button, options dialog:removed unimplemented sections
	-grannyfilter : chimera replaced by drake model
	-dataloaders : blockwise file caching, used for anim,ground and for all indexed-ondemand loaders
	-charcreate : fixed login flags for available facets/maps
        -new macros for skill details : MacroRead_SkillBase, MacroRead_SkillCap, MacroRead_SkillLockState, MacroRead_SkillValue
        -new chatcommand : /relogin username:charid
        -mainmenu bugfix : password memory was loaded too late sometimes
        -commandline login alternate syntax :  -co shardname u:username:charidx
	-moblist: fixed npc detection, guild tags moved to front
        -npc jobtitle shortcuts
        -mainmenu:acclist: added facet to location info
	-implemented utf8 encoding for unicode-speech-send with keywords
	-chattabpane made unmovable,  unicode support for spellbar:risetext
	-unicode enabled for chatline, not yet displayed in overhead, fadelines and chatpane
        -premake.lua:added sqlite
	-chattab : mousewheel scrolling

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